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Forum.Euphoricvocals.Com is a forum dedicated to music. In detail, the forum offers music discussion, news, and area to request releases. Releases should be proper scene releases. FLAC release is allowed. If you are not familiar with terms like "scene" or "pre", you probably won't fit in here, seriously. :roll:

The forum also offers forums to see current and past music PRE releases. This is for informational purposes. Members may request these releases in the request forum if they prefer.


1. No spamming. We don't enforce limits at this time. This is a community forum for everyone to use freely. Any person that's used a forum before know's if they are being spammy. So, if you are spammy, you get banned, no questions. :oops:

2. Be nice to everyone.

3. Treat the forum and conversations as if they are yours. Let's maintain a fun and enjoyable place everyone is welcome to.

This forum will not be a dumping ground for copyright material. This means no content will be hosted on this website. We allow links to/from other sites that will host content to fill requests, answer posts, etc. Do not attach any files to posts (attachments are limited to certain file types already) that are of copyright material, period.

In order to see any external links posted on this site (including download links), you must register an account.

If you decide to upload content that is prohibited on this forum, It will result in an instant ban and your IP Address / Username / Email address and any other identifiable information will be reported to forum spam databases (CleanTalk, Akismet, Stop Forum Spam, etc). In some cases, you will be reported to police authorities and a cease and a cease and desist letter will be sent to the ISP you registered with and we will cooperate with any investigation they decide to launch.

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